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$85/hr for up to 6 hours of tutoring time. All time thereafter is $75/hr.

NO STUDENT NEED STRUGGLE, FALL BEHIND OR LACK SELF CONFIDENCE! Whether in elementary, middle or high school, a college or graduate student, a business professional, or someone wanting to write a book, I assess each student/client’s goal, strength, weakness, and need in an initial consultation, followed by developing a customized program guaranteed to produce the needed skills, confidence and results!

I am a recommended writing tutor for many Clark County School District and private schools. I offer effective and personalized one-on- one and group tutoring and homeschooling instruction for the following writing skills as needed:

  • Idea/content development

  • Vocabulary building

  • Sentence construction, punctuation, and paragraph alignment

  • Expository, descriptive, persuasive, and narrative techniques

  • Managing writer’s block

  • Understanding metaphors, similes, personification, imagery, hyperbole, and alliteration

  • Understanding backstory, flashback, flash-forward, and foreshadowing

  • Composition, creative and descriptive essays

  • Book reports

  • Articles

  • Public presentations

  • Personal statements

  • Term and research papers

  • College admissions essays

  • Thesis writing

  • SAT/ACT standardized test writing

  • APA and MLA copy editing

  • Proof-reading

I meet my students and clients at their homes, offices, and public libraries. I work on Skype. I look forward to helping you - your child – get past the fear of writing; manage writer’s block; enjoy the art of expressing thoughts through the written word; and achieve the success that is deserved and awaits you.


Public speaking is a key skill in most every classroom, interview, and job role and is vital to democratic participation. I will coach you on organizing speech content, good posture, eye contact, a commanding presence, voice inflection and projection, pacing, how to read from a script, and breathing through the jitters. Includes professional meet ‘n greet protocol and technique.

Public Speaking
Ghost Writer
Copy Editor
Content Writer
Speech Writer

$65/hr or by the page

I ensure that your copy – no matter the length – stands out and is professional grade. I correct grammatical, punctuation, syntax and spelling errors; I check that all names, places, references, facts, dates and statistics are accurate; I rewrite to improve content flow; where needed, I write headlines and subheads for articles.

$85/hr or $1.00 per word depending on speech length and requirements

I prepare and write speeches for elected officials and executives in the government and private sectors – profit and nonprofit - as well as for weddings and other social occasions. Whether an informative, a persuasive or commemorative speech, each speech is tailored to the speaker’s cadence and target audience.

Fees TBD depending on assignment

I will write your literary or journalistic works, memoir, speeches or other texts, with you as the named author.


Generally, $7,000 to $12,000 for 200 to 300 pages; separate fees for proposal, research and sample chapters; Kill Fees apply. In some cases, I receive a percent of the advance and the royalties. Some projects pay by the hour, the page or the word.

Between $.50 and $1 per word depending on word count. A research and consulting fee may apply.

For Articles, Press Releases, Websites,  and Blogs

“The moment my wife and I met Lynn we were impressed. Her demeanor and credentials inspired the assurance we needed to hire her to work with our two boys – one in elementary and the other in middle school – both of whom got poor grades in English, grammar, and writing. She has turned that completely around and they now get B’s and A’s! Book her now! You’ll thank me!”

- S. Melson, Parent, Henderson, NV

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