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 With Journalist Lynn Wexler

“Lynn knows exactly how to use words to grab your attention and move you to action! She’s been writing
our press releases, articles, and website content for over five years now. Her work ethic is flawless and
work product top notch. She makes us look good!”

- C. Meurer, Business Owner, Las Vegas, NV

“A friend referred me to Lynn to help me write my first book. I am forever grateful! She kept me on time
and on budget without compromising the creative process. I was impressed by her meticulous attention to detail,
development, and editing. She’s super smart and incredibly insightful. I’m so glad to have found her!”

- M. George, Author, Los Angeles, CA

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Coffee and Magazines

Lynn is an accomplished journalist having enjoyed a successful career in the media spotlight for over twenty-five years.


As a former television news anchor, reporter and commentator in New York and Los Angeles, she covered headline news, interviewing the luminaries at its heart. Lynn wrote copy for CBS Evening News with Dan Rather and was herself a radio personality addressing the values and virtues necessary for a functional and prosperous society. 


Lynn is currently the Director of Development at the Adelson School, and is a monthly feature writer for DAVID magazine, Las Vegas. Lynn continues to enjoy her many accomplishments, but is most proud of being a mom to her three outstanding children.


Lynn Wexler

“Writing is the painting of the voice.” 

                           – Voltaire, French Enlightenment Writer


To be a good painter is difficult. To be a good writer is difficult. Both involve the effective expression or communication of one’s inner voice.


Writing is not the haphazard spilling of words onto a page. Writing proficiently necessitates the skill to make every word, sentence, and paragraph count.


Writing requires rewriting, editing and rewriting again, until the expression of thoughts is clear in words.


That's where I come in! I work in the realm of word assemblage. I write articles, grants, books (as a ghost writer), speeches, and press releases.  I have a command of the skills. I know where the stumbling blocks lie. I understand how to avoid, push through, and recover from them.


I love what I do! I bring an enthusiastic and fresh approach to the clients I mentor and write for. 


Please read the various writing services I offer below.

Writing Mentor

interviews & articles 

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Public Speaking
Ghost Writing
Speech Writing


I will write your literary or journalistic works, memoir, speeches or other texts, with you as the named author.

Public speaking is a key skill in most every classroom, interview, and job role and is vital to democratic participation. I will coach you on organizing speech content, good posture, eye contact, a commanding presence, voice inflection and projection, pacing, how to read from a script, and breathing through the jitters. Includes professional meet ‘n greet protocol and technique.

I prepare and write speeches for elected officials and executives in the government and private sectors – profit and nonprofit - as well as for weddings and other social occasions. Whether an informative, a persuasive or commemorative speech, each speech is tailored to the speaker’s cadence and target audience.

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